Learn more about our newest Lawyer – Brianna Finnegan

Brianna Finnegan, Criminal Defence Lawyer

Brianna has been a lawyer with Bamberry Lawyers Pty Ltd for the last 9 months. She recently received accreditation as a Duty Lawyer. She has answered the same 6 questions as Mark Bamberry and Sam Jackson.

These are Brianna’s answers:-

1.      Biggest achievement?

I have two – the first is moving interstate at 17 years of age, and the second is being admitted to the Brisbane Supreme Court as a Solicitor. 

2.      What do you think of a human rights act for Qld? 

It shouldn’t be necessary in a Country like Australia where we do live in a fair democracy unlike other countries who routinely inviolate the right of their citizens. But now that the legislation has passed, time will tell what it’s impact is.

3.      How can you act for those guilty people? 

I can act for “those guilty people” as that is the legal system. Queenslanders are under a legal system where people are innocent until proven guilty and everyone has a right to a fair trial. 

4.      What words of advice would you give to new law graduates? 

I think newly graduated law students should get as much experience as you can before taking on the role as a solicitor. 

5. Should drugs be de-criminalised? 


6. What’s the best part of your job? 

My favourite parts are when I appear in court and also when giving clients advice.

Contact Brianna either by telephone or email to see how she can assist you with your criminal legal issue or traffic matter.