Domestic Violence Law – Domestic Violence Order

domestic violence order

A Domestic Violence Order is a sensitive topic. At Bamberry Lawyers Pty Ltd, our experienced Domestic Violence Lawyers can assist you with representation for Applications for Domestic Violence Order (also known as DVO), defending Applications for a DVO and criminal charges arising from breaching a DVO. Recent amendments to Domestic Violence Laws mean that an accused can face serious terms of imprisonment from charges for breaching a DVO.

Domestic Violence Laws were amended by the Queensland Government as a result of the “Not now, Not ever” report. For some people, having a Domestic Violence Order made against them can have serious consequences for their livelihood.  It can affect your ability to hold a weapons licence and work in certain occupations.  Our Domestic Violence Lawyers can take you through the amendments to the Legislation and how it affects you. We can assist you through the complicated legal process.

Interstate DVOs – sometimes known as AVOs – can now be enforced in Queensland.  This means that you can face serious criminal charges arising from a DVO made in another state.

The specialist Domestic Violence Court trialled in the Southport Magistrates Court is rolling out into other jurisdictions in Queensland.  Our Domestic Violence Lawyers have been appearing in the specialised Domestic Violence Court since its’ inception and can appear in matters in Courts in South East Queensland, including Beenleigh Magistrates Court, Brisbane Magistrates Court and Ipswich Magistrates Court.

Most Family Lawyers do not have the day to day experience with the Courts that an experienced Criminal Lawyer does.  Our Domestic Violence Lawyers can prepare the necessary documentation and advocate strongly on your behalf in Court. We know what the Court needs in order to successfully prepare your case.

Don’t risk your future on poor legal representation.  Contact our Domestic Violence Lawyers to arrange your confidential phone consultation to see how we can assist you through this difficult time.