Legal Aid

Legal Aid (Queensland) provides legal help to financially disadvantaged Queenslanders about criminal, family and civil law matters.

You may qualify for a grant of Legal Aid if you cannot afford legal representation.  In order to receive a grant of aid, you need to meet both the merit and the means test.

Bamberry Lawyers Pty Ltd is a preferred supplier of Legal Aid.  The Bamberry Lawyers Pty Ltd legal team have been working as accredited duty lawyers in the Southport Magistrates Court since 2001.

Our team can lodge your application for a grant of aid from Legal Aid Queensland.  Contact us to see if you are eligible.

A duty lawyer is a lawyer who may be able to give the unrepresented legal advice or help with criminal law matters on their court date without requiring payment. A duty lawyer advises and represents people who are facing criminal charges in the Magistrates Court and in a specialised Domestic Violence Court. There is a duty lawyer available at most Magistrates Courts in Queensland.

Legal Costs

We won’t charge you for the initial advice we give you on the telephone. If you decide that you want Bamberry Lawyers Pty Ltd to represent you in your case, we will ask you to enter into a client agreement that details with transparency our legal fees.

Fee Arrangements

We rarely charge on an hourly basis.

Our fees are goal orientated and based on the different stages of your criminal matter.  You will receive an outline of how much will be charged for each stage and how it is calculated.

Making Payment

We ask that you provide funds to our trust account before we commence acting for you. We will let you know how much this is going to be once we have assessed your case.