Record of Interview by Police

Unfortunately, we see many clients after they have provided a record of interview to Police.

Criminal defence lawyers want to speak to you before you speak to any prosecuting body.  This includes the Police.  We want to help you protect your interests.

Why speak to a Criminal Lawyer?

There is a reason we generally recommend not to provide an interview.  If you provide an interview, you may say something that inadvertently incriminates you.  When you undertake a police interview, you do not know what the police case is against you.  You do not know what evidence the Police have.  Or who they have spoken to.

But if I give a Record of Interview then I won’t be charged by police.

Most clients mistakenly believe that by providing a statement, they will not be charged by Police with an offence.  Afterwards, they consult a Criminal Lawyer when they have been charged.

By the time a Police Officer has contacted you for a record of interview, he or she is usually in a position to charge you with an offence.  The Police Officer is aware of the allegations against you and the supporting evidence.

At Bamberry Lawyers Pty Ltd, we have seen many clients prosecuted through the Courts based on their own evidence.  This is the evidence they provided to Police during an interview.  Not the evidence given by the Complainant.

Some prosecutions result in terms of imprisonment.

Remember, the fundamental principle of our justice system is that the Police have to prove an offence against you.  It is not up to an individual to prove their innocence.

Benefits v Disadvantages of giving a record of interview

In limited situations, it is beneficial for an accused to provide a statement to Police.  Additionally, a person is required to disclose particular information to Police if facing certain charges.  Speak to a Criminal Lawyer first to find out if those limited situations apply to you.

A Criminal Lawyer is available by telephone to give advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Bamberry Lawyers Pty Ltd provides a telephone service where you can speak to a Criminal Lawyer about your rights and obligations at any time in an emergency.  A request from Police to give a record of interview is an emergency.

Speak to one of our Criminal Lawyers before you speak to Police.  A Criminal Lawyer makes the process smoother and is able to ensure that you understand your obligations and what will occur during the interview.

Telephone our office to speak to the on call Criminal Lawyer. Or alternatively, ring our Legal Director Mark Bamberry directly on his mobile number by clicking this link.