Sam Jackson

Initially Sam started studying and practising in Criminal Law because he enjoys a challenge.  Sam completed his law degree at University of Queensland, and was admitted to the Supreme Court of Queensland as a Solicitor in 2011.

Sam has worked exclusively in Criminal Law since he became a Lawyer.  What motivates Sam now is his ability to help clients through what is often the most difficult time of their lives.  Clients charged with criminal offences often face extremely tough decisions, as well as possible life-changing consequences from those decisions. Sam is able to help people navigate through difficult issues and achieve positive results.

He has a wealth of experience in complex criminal matters. Not many criminal lawyers have experience in international extradition proceedings, or the High Court– but Sam does.  He can act on behalf of clients for Supreme Court bail hearings, complex frauds and drug trafficking operations.  He appears daily in the Magistrates Court on traffic and less serious criminal matters, such as drug possession and assaults. Sam regularly appears in the District and Supreme Courts as a Solicitor-Advocate for his clients.  He is as comfortable with the most complex of cases as he is with the straight forward prosecutions.

In 2018, Sam was recognised by the Queensland Law Society for his competency, knowledge and expertise in the practice of criminal law and was accepted as an Accredited Specialist.  The Queensland Law Society recognised Sam’s knowledge amongst the graduating Accredited Specialists in Criminal Law by giving him the Highest Achiever Award.  Sam has joined a very select group of highly-regarded Lawyers in Queensland who share the accolade as an Accredited Specialist.  Although he has obtained his Specialist Accreditation, Sam acknowledges that you cannot stop learning and improving, so he aims to continually challenge himself to be better.

A strong sense of justice drives Sam. His passion ensures both fairness and the protection of client’s rights against authoritarian abuse. Difficult situations are his speciality.  He is an experienced and knowledgeable advocate.

Bamberry Lawyers Pty Ltd is a preferred supplier to Legal Aid Queensland. Sam offers his services to suitable applicants eligible for a grant of Legal Aid.

Sam is a Director with Bamberry Lawyers Pty Ltd.  He is an Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law – Qld.  He is a Member of Queensland Law Society Criminal Law Committee and the Specialist Accreditation Committee, and regularly presents at professional seminars and events.

Criminal Law Accredited Specialist